Cant Trus A Bitch

2 thoughts on “ Cant Trus A Bitch

  1. You can't trust no nigga, can't trust a bitch Told her stay ten toes down and never switch Ten toes down in these Chucks on the blacktop We was hittin' licks, tryna come up on the jackpot Talk dumb, nigga, I'ma let the strap pop Strap portable, nigga, like a laptop You act stupid, then you might get your homie popped Bitch, I'm out here on the grind like I'm Tony Hawk.
  2. Jan 25,  · I can't trust a bitch ’cause these hoes schemin' Red in my eyes, bitch, a real demon Keep a nigga bitch drinkin' semen Drippin' sauce, bitch, every time you see me.

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