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  1. In parliamentary procedure: Rules of parliamentary procedure introduce a proposition, or as secondary motions, which are designed to affect the main motion or its consideration. A main motion is in order only when there is no other business before an assembly. It yields in precedence to all other questions.
  2. Usually a motion needs to be seconded -- meaning another attendee agrees the matter should be considered-- to have the motion move forward and discussed. If the motion is not seconded, it is called a failed motion. Even a failed motion should be documented in the minutes, however.
  3. plausible secondary motion for unknown primary motion with-out requiring a post-processing stage. Physically-based animation. In offline/keyframe animation software, simulation is a go-to method for automatic sec-ondary animation of hair [8,47,58], cloth [41], collisions [39].
  4. Secondary Motion Lyrics. Trying hard not to fake it. Treated bad again. All the time the strained confusion. Playing in your head. You're down the line, and you can't face it. When the night.
  5. Give me a secondary motion, Something clear so I can understand Give me a secondary motion,give me that chance Don't go giving me all your reasons I've heard them before You're going one way and you can't see Just what's in store! You're down the line, and you can't face it When night closes in Can't break the spell, can't lose those traces.
  6. Create secondary motion quickly! Secondary motion adds a lot of life to your characters, but it’s hard! We’ll work from a very basic character and apply secondary motion in after effects using rotation, puppet pins, and a new script from Bear Studios!
  7. Nov 26,  · Secondary motions 1. Take-up motions 2. Objective of Take-up The objective of Take-up is to draw forward the woven cloth as a new pick is inserted in order to maintain the line of fabric formation and pick spacing constant.
  8. Secondary Motions. To assist in the proper disposal of the question various subsidiary [ 12 ] motions are used, such as to amend, to commit, etc., and for the time being the subsidiary motion replaces the resolution, or motion, and becomes the immediately pending question.

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